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Description:Poor-man's emulator of the HP 48GX, HP 49, and HP 40. Should compile and run on many recent, XPG4-UNIX compliant, Unix-like systems with a working X Window System interface and OSF/Motif-compatible libraries, including Digital UNIX, Solaris, Debian Linux, Ultrix, and IRIX. Includes detailed documentation in Texinfo, PostScript, and Info formats. Although it's not as powerful as Emu48 for Windows, it's the first step towards a powerful emulator running on Unix systems.
Author:Ivan Cibrario Bertolotti
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Platforms:HP 49/50, HP 48, HP 39/40
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Primary category:PC/Emulators
File date:2016/02/16 15:49:45
Source code:Not included
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2000/12/19: Added to site
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