Description:Views and edits symbolic matrices in pretty print. In the screen appears the current element, the size of the matrix, the current position and a mini grob that is the matrix (each element is represented by a point and the current position is highlighted). Also allows one to add and delete rows and columns and create symmetric matrices.
Current version:3.0
Author:Rubén de la Rosa Steinz
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Platforms:HP 49/50
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Primary category:Apps/Matrix
Languages:English, Spanish
File date:2001/02/26 18:59:11
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Site update history:2001/02/26: Updated to version 3.0
2001/02/08: Updated to version 2.1
2001/02/06: Updated to version 2.0
2001/01/12: Updated to version 1.1
2001/01/11: Added to site
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Library contents:EDITMATRIZ: Library 1373, EDITMATRIZ
User comments:Dimitri Missoh
2001-08-18 10:14:23
Je trouve ce programme vraiment pratique. Essayer le tout simplement.

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