Circuit Simulator 3.01

Description:Makes punctual DC and AC simulations, and plots AC and transient analysis. Supplies the user with all matrices used. Version 3.0 includes the CSim Descriptor and other interface improvements. For people familiar with past versions of CSim only.
Authors:Per Stenius
Roberto Perez-Franco (HPlus!):
Pierre Vignacq
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Primary category:Science/Electricity
File date:1999-04-06 16:51:28
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Version history:1999-04-07: Updated to version 3.01
1999-03-17: Added to site
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     1596  04-06-99 07:30   readme.txt
    26262  04-06-99 07:31   CSim.txt
    29561  03-26-99 22:45   csim301.lib
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    57419                   3 files
Library contents:csim301.lib: Library 1703, CSim 3.01
User comments:super gems
2010-03-28 11:09:49
Csim a Simple HP48 Circuit Simulator for Educational Purposes (1992): PDF:

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