Description:NMEA48 1.1 A library of programs to handle NMEA-0183 output from a variety of devices (GPSs, depth sounders, Lorans, etc.). Provides a facility for getting NMEA data packets, and more, and are intended for use in applications such as track loggers, flight computers and such. Additional commands are provided to return position, altitude, time, and speed.
Current version:1.1
Author:Jason Grant: http://www.chat.ru/~dadima/hp48.html
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File date:1998-08-07 00:12:32
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    18342  08-02-98 10:05   nmea48/COPYING
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     9084  08-06-98 20:29   nmea48/nmea48.txt
     1734  08-06-98 20:21   nmea48/nmea_src.txt
      798  08-06-98 14:52   nmea48/nmea48.inf
     2643  08-06-98 19:13   nmea48/nmea4811.lib
     8349  08-06-98 19:12   nmea48/nmea4811.src
     1878  08-06-98 23:59   nmea48.gif
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Library contents:nmea48/nmea4811.lib: Library 989, NMEA48 v1.1
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