SimCity 49

Description:Clone of the fun computer game, with 15 structures to choose from.
Authors:Jérémie F. Bellanger:
Laurent Mas (hpsam):
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Primary category:Games/Misc
File date:2000-05-09 17:17:18
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Version history:2000-05-13: Added to site
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User comments:Julian Fondren
2001-11-09 23:49:53
My basic impression of this game is that it's slow.
Anyone else have deeper experiences?
mike roberts
2002-12-04 15:15:41
yes it is very slow
can be speeded up by frequently exiting and going back in
also not very fun after playing a few times, but a good game. just needs to be faster and more unpredictable
2010-08-07 16:32:42
This game is one of my first ones on HP-48 and it musts have some memory leaks. In the last year I programmed for HP-48, I tried to create a second version much larger, nicer and with a scrolling, written in assembly language (and not RPL anymore) but I exploded the memory !!! Then I stopped programming, but now I'm back again with PC games, at :, and that's something else ;) !!

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