Description:Several programs useful to programmers, including a memory scanner and an assembly source code viewer. Also allows you to look into the ROM and extract what you want. Contains what is probably the most powerful disassembler on the 49.
Current version:1.7.7F
Author:Pierre Tardy: http://tardyp.free.fr/hp49/indexe.htm
There are other authors.
Downloaded file size:31,081 bytes
Size on calculator:7 KB
User rating:8.5/10 with 4 votes (you must be logged in to vote)
Primary category:Programming/Misc
File date:2010-03-01 21:50:30
Source code:Included
Download count:7,940
Version history:2001-02-12: Updated to version 1.7.7F
2001-02-06: Updated to version 1.7.6F
2000-11-19: Updated to version 1.6
2000-10-22: Updated to version 1.4.7
2000-03-27: Added to site
Archive contents:
  Length     Date   Time    Name
 --------    ----   ----    ----
     7310  09-02-92 13:27   cqif/CQIF1.7.9F.lib
    11770  02-18-01 12:44   cqif/CQIF_Doc.txt
     4394  01-13-01 19:12   cqif/CQIF_tutorial.txt
     8640  09-02-92 13:06   cqif/xASMto.lib
     4184  02-18-01 14:13   cqif/xASMtoDoc.txt
    10691  01-25-10 13:04   source.zip
 --------                   -------
    46989                   6 files
Library contents:cqif/CQIF1.7.9F.lib: Library 854, CQIF? v1.7.9F
cqif/xASMto.lib: Library 260,
User comments:Carsten Dominik
2001-07-14 05:09:53
A very fast ROM extractor and dissassembler which does support Emacs. Compare this with Nosy, the other extractor library on the HP49G.

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