Description:Extensions for User RPL programmers, including a big choose box and a yes/no confirmation routine.
Current version:0.2
Author:Cyrille Berger
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Size on calculator:1 KB
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Primary category:Programming/Misc
File date:2008-08-31 16:35:58
Source code:Not included
Download count:6,403
Version history:2008-08-31: Updated to version 0.2
2000-03-18: Updated to version 0.2
1999-12-29: Added to site
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     1351  03-17-00 19:02   ePack
      910  08-31-08 16:35   RplExt.lib
     2051  03-17-00 18:57   RplExt_en.txt
     2150  03-17-00 18:55   RplExt_fr.txt
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     6462                   4 files
Library contents:RplExt.lib: Library 943, RplExt 0.2
User comments:Julian Fondren
2001-11-18 08:46:10
This adds two perfectly useless (IMHO) and one interesting program: BigChoose. BigChoose is supposed to and does act exactly like CHOOSE (but the delay on accepting subsequent characters (to jump to a selection) appears to be less), except that it doesn't accept a number for where the starting cursor is, and it's bigger. So you can see more selections on the screen and more of them in BigChoose, so it does what it claims to pretty well. The only problem is that it's noticably (read: annoyingly) slower than CHOOSE, and it gets VERY (read: excruciatingly) slow on large inputs (57-sized list is pretty bad, but 1200+-sized is horrible) -- which may not be a problem. I don't want to use BigChoose in my interfaces because of its speed (and I don't yet need the 'Big' part of it), but since it's only 2KB I'm keeping it around for future use.

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