Emu48 for Windows CE

Description:Emu48 1.23 ported to Windows CE. Emulates an HP 48, HP 49, or HP 39/40 (ROMs included) and includes several KML scripts and bitmaps for palmtop (240x320 resolution) computers. Works on MIPS-based systems (Cassiopeia E-105) and ARM-based systems (iPaq) only.
Current version:1.23 Release 2
Authors:Sebastien Carlier
Juan Pablo Lopez Anadon
Leopoldo Bueno Castillo: http://www.leobueno.net/
There are other authors.
Downloaded file size:2,611,095 bytes
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Primary category:PC/Emulators
File date:2001-12-27 12:59:40
Source code:Not included
Download count:27,327
Version history:2001-10-27: Updated to version 1.23 Release 2
2001-02-15: Updated to version 1.23
1999-11-26: Updated (no version number specified)
1998-12-17: Updated (no version number specified)
1998-07-31: Added to site
User comments:Jason Williamson
2001-10-21 01:15:19
For those who are interested, the ARM binary included in this package DOES work with the HP Jornada 720 palmtop. Just slop-copy the EXE to your palmtop with the ROM file and the resGXbig KLM scripts, and you're in business. I got the resGXbig files from the emu48ce120.exe package. Anyway, I've been hunting for a new 48 emulator for my Jornada since HP switched the CPUs in their palmtops to the StronARM, so I hope this helps someone. Jason (www.jasonw@gte.net)
Alan Belle
2002-01-15 19:19:17
Final post as result of a 'bug' experienced by myself and Lars Holowko [Lars.Holowko@t-online.de] and composed by him. Don't worry, it does work and it is worth the effort. I have emailed LEO, so you may see a new version without this killer, but minor, bug.

Emu48CE seems frozen on your iPaq after having chosen a KML-script. This is because you have to adopt its default settings the first time after installation. (If you are reloading you may not experience this fault depending on your previous settings).
In order to be able to get past the compilation result screen, you need a process killer like the excellent free PocketNav at http://www.scottandmichelle.net/scott/cestuff.html. With that you should kill the stuck 'KML Script Compilation Result' process, which in fact is only hiding the emulator's screen.
Having done so, you may access the emulators menu. Choose File->Settings and uncheck the General option 'Always display KML Compilation Result' and press 'Ok'.

You now should have access to a great HP emulator.

PS: At the time of writing Leo's hyperlink in the posting below was dead, but it seems he has uploaded the lates to this site anyway. He hasn't confirmed to me, so that is what I am guessing.

______________ 2nd Post ________________________

If you are having problems with an iPAQ (or other Pocket PC) I recommend you visit leo Bueno's site http://web.jet.es/leobueno/emu48.htm (hyperlink above). After months of stuggling with the poblems per my original post (below) the download from his site solved all, with autoinstall too! I seems the current download from this site is not the latest!

_______________orignial post ______________________
Thos posting No longer relevant to latest version.
Jesùs de Santiago
2004-06-26 12:48:42
The program if PC but the quality of the computer funcionaen to me my Pocket pc H2210 Hwlett Packard is very low as soon as it is reached to visualize the keys, also like which the program is obstructed in some occasions.

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