Description:Freeware emulator of the HP-41 for Windows. Distributed under the GPL.
Current version:9.0
Authors:Warren Furlow: http://www.hp41.org
Christoph Gie├čelink: http://hp.giesselink.com/
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File date:2018/11/05 07:56:55
Creation date:2018/10/23
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Related files:V41 Source Code
Version history:2018/12/30: Updated to version 9.0
2005/12/17: Updated to version 8.0
2002/05/22: Updated to version 7.0
2002/02/17: Updated to version 6.0
2000/08/02: Updated to version 4.0
1999/10/06: Added to site
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User comments:Harry Dotson
2017-07-04 12:07:47
I have been using the HP-41 Emulator on Windows for many years. I currently have version 7B and want to update to version 8, but I found that the SETUP.EXE from V41r8.zip will not load the install shield on my Windows 7 PC. Nothing happens, not even an error message. What can I do to install the latest version of the program? I can't use another machine and then copy files over because I do not have access to another PC with an older version of Windows.

I have also noticed that for Version 7B, the display for the large mode overflows to the right for numbers displayed in exponential format. I can temporarily fix this by changing to medium mode and back to large, but the overflow reappears when I re-launch the program.

Thanks for your help!

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