HP4XDEV2 - User-RPL Program Development Tools

Description:IDE for the development of User RPL programs for the 49g+/48gII/49G/48SX/GX calculators. HP4XDEV2 has a friendly User RPL text editor to create and edit User RPL programs, GROB editor to create and modify graphical images for GUI-based User RPL programs, and PC<->HP I/O transfer tool using drag and drop operations to transfer User RPL projects and program variables to and from the calculator via Conn4x, HP's XModem Connectivity Kit. This software has been superseded by UEdit User-RPL Programming Development Tools, but this old software is included for users of older computers that cannot handle UEdit.
Current version:2 1.0.2
Author:Stanley H. H. Lui: http://www.udepot.net78.net
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Platforms:49/50 48  
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Primary category:PC/Programming
File date:2006-11-24 16:58:33
Source code:Not included
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Version history:2006-11-24: Updated to version 2 1.0.2
2005-09-03: Updated to version 2.1
2005-01-30: Updated to version 2.0
2001-11-17: Updated to version 1.0.0
1997-08-21: Added to site
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      180  2006-09-24 09:07   Setup.Ini
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   313344  2006-09-24 09:08   hp4xdev2Setup.msi
   110592  2003-03-18 22:03   Setup.Exe
     3914  2006-09-24 09:44   README.TXT
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User comments:Valentino Ducati
2005-09-26 14:14:12
Good approach. It is a good in between a crude texteditor and the very complete SysRPL / Assembler package DEBUG4X.

As I'm only a UserRPL programmer, HP4XDEV2 fits good to me. What I really still miss:

Priority 1 = Connection to EMU48 to develop and test programs completely on a PC.

Priority 2 = Given P1 HP4XDEV2 should invoke the UserRPL compiler to make binaries from the source code. I suppose this leads automatically to syntax check and error results.

Priority 3 = Given P3 it should be a small step to invoke also a library maker for program packages.

But: a really good beginning. Hope Stanley will go further in the next time.

Valentino Ducati (switzerland)

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