Description:Like the computer game Dune 2. This is a war game.
Authors: Antoine
Lilian Pigallio: http://web.archive.org/web/20131116224925/http://perso.atsat.com/pigallio/Hp48/Lil_hp48.htm
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File date:2001-01-24 15:57:11
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2000-12-09: Added to site
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User comments:pom2Ter
2001-07-01 07:24:57
One of the most impressive game ever made for HP49!
This real time strategy game is just wonderful...
Julian Fondren
2001-11-10 00:06:37
One of the most impressive games made *ever*. This game has beautiful graphics, excellent gameplay, a good story ('Dune') and overall wonderful design. It's fast enough that I've never noticed a delay. It has a really great and portable machine to support it, so you can play it anywhere under varied conditions. Ain't that cool? I really really really wish that the author or someone else would come out with similarly designed games.
tareq dowla
2002-09-09 22:10:49
Yah, I like the game and everything, is there anyway i can get an english version of it, or maybe a translation, and how come when i make the refinary and the the car thing harvests, when it comes back it dissapears, and i get no money? i love the game though, just wish i could get farther in it.
Jens Rabe
2004-03-01 10:27:25
Doesn't run on hp49G+ - only sets the contrast to very light, displays the hour glass in the upper line and freezes.
Joe D
2018-08-04 15:38:17
I might test it but... is it in English?

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