Description:Digitician is a combination of two programs that, used together can make life much easier for anyone who must deal with digital logic problems. The first program performs reductions of Karnaugh maps by Quine-McCluskey's method (modified). The second gives a truth table from any type of Boolean expression.
Current version:1.1
Authors:Robin Getz
Ruben Nuñez
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Primary category:Science/Electricity
File date:2001-03-24 11:33:09
Source code:Not included
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Version history:2001-03-24: Updated to version 1.1
2001-03-18: Added to site
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    22528  05-03-94 14:26   digitician.txt
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     1198  03-16-01 11:58   readme.txt
    14025  12-14-00 15:56   digitician.bin
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User comments:José Plens
2012-03-06 11:23:43

hello, how do I install it on the calculator hp50g? I tried to copy it to flash memory (2) does not work. thanks

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