Library of Equations

Description:Library of equations for the HP 49 that's better than EQNLIB of the HP 48.
Current version:0.1
Author:Jose Rafael Ripoll Parejo
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User rating:7.7/10 with 3 votes (you must be logged in to vote)
Primary category:Math/Misc
File date:2001-04-04 23:38:38
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Version history:2001-04-04: Added to site
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      279  04-01-01 13:42   equationlibraryhp49.txt
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    52835  03-30-01 18:16   equationlibraryhp49..lib
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Library contents:equationlibraryhp49..lib: Library 999, EQNLIB By Jripoll
User comments:Peter Mansvelder
2002-11-17 06:23:39
Very nice library, unfortunately it is a bit unstable, a few times my HP49G with 1.19-6 BIOS went down with a blank screen, only way out was to take out the batteries!
The program is a bit slow in returning from a equation or pic to the menu.
I am anxiously awaiting the improved version, in the meanwhile I'll try out the HP48 copy.
Mike Williams
2003-05-25 09:46:35
Very detailed and fast. I did have to reset my calculators with a paperclip after trying to use certain equations. Once this bug is fixed, this will be the best equation library that I have used.

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