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Description:Periodic table with 22 properties for each element. Solution to the problem of the atomic weights and other properties thanks to Peter Geelhoed.
Current version:2.1
Authors:Ivan Marcelo Chacolla
Peter F. Geelhoed
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Primary category:Science/Chemistry
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File date:2002-11-14 12:25:06
Creation date:2003-10-16
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Version history:2002-11-14: Updated to version 2.1
2002-05-21: Updated to version 2.0
2001-10-20: Updated to version 1.5
2001-08-04: Updated to version 1.41
2001-07-27: Updated to version 1.4
2001-07-19: Updated to version 1.321
2001-07-15: Updated to version 1.32
2001-07-12: Updated to version 1.31
2001-07-10: Updated to version 1.3
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2001-05-28: Updated to version 1.1
2001-05-18: Added to site
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Library contents:Tabla Periodica/English/PTv2.1: Library 1378, Tabla Periodica v2.1
Tabla Periodica/español/TablaPv2.0.LIB: Library 1378, Tabla Periodica v2.1
User comments:Peter Geelhoed
2001-07-20 02:44:33
The best periodic table, now available in English. Although I am listed as co-author I didn't write much for it
Julian Fondren
2001-10-07 09:52:07
Great program! It has many properties, easy navigation, the
ability to jump to an element by symbol or name, and, very
usefully, the ability to display a certain property of the
highlighted element on the periodic table display, so you
can quickly run though multiple elements and get the property
you're interested in. Its molar mass calculator is good, too.
After using it a little I removed my far simpler program for
the same.
nobis soto
2001-10-28 01:38:18
Demasiado Buena tabla periodica, tiene to lo que deseas encotrar sobre un elemento en particular, buena velocidad , bastante informacion
Gustavo Portales
2002-12-31 10:18:07
Programa en español muy bueno, muestra gráficos, la tabla períodica de los elementos químicos con: Peso atómico, estructura cristalina, radio atómico, densidad, etc; todo lo que buscas lo encuentras en este programa.
Thiago Pimenta
2003-01-03 18:27:25
It is the best periodic table that I ever used. Congratulations!!!
Alexandro Valenzuela
2004-03-20 13:56:02
A very well and complete periodic table. Good job!
Francesc Casanellas
2004-10-26 13:20:12
Good an easy to use.
Ricardo Caetano
2005-08-15 08:34:30
Very good

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