TI-89 and HP-49 (PDF format)

Description:A complete comparison with lots of screenshots and info comparing these two calculators. Tried to cover everything including the kitchen sink. In PDF format.
Author:Tim Wessman: http://www.timandkatie.com/calc/
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User comments:Peter Geelhoed
2001-06-24 05:45:02
This is the best comparison I have read, it does not focus on the hardware part, but discusses OS and software too.
Scott Spillman
2001-06-29 21:26:37
This is definitely one of the best comparisons out there. It is not overly biased one way or the other and is more fair to both calcs than any other comparison.
Julian Fondren
2001-11-12 16:16:15
Yes, this is an excellent comparison. Thanks, Tim!

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