Description:SuperChip interpreter for the 49G. Runs games written specifically for use with SuperChip.
Authors:Andreas Gustafsson
Lilian Pigallio: http://web.archive.org/web/20131116224925/http://perso.atsat.com/pigallio/Hp48/Lil_hp48.htm
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Primary category:Games/Misc
File date:2001-07-12 00:21:13
Source code:Not included
Download count:7,668
Version history:2001-07-12: Added to site
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     1437  07-11-01 22:45   Readme.txt
    37599  07-11-01 22:43   schip_lib.49
     2182  07-11-01 22:40   schip.49
    12259  07-09-01 16:35   chip48-2_25-bin.txt
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    53477                   4 files
Library contents:schip_lib.49: Library 848, CHIP-8 and SCHIP games
User comments:Lilian Pigallio
2001-07-12 02:08:42
With this emulator you can run on your HP49 the 1st game of the world : Pong. Just download on your HP49 its original ROM dump and launch SCHIP.
Julian Fondren
2001-11-09 23:53:12
Definintely one of the wierder libraries available. Some of the games are noisy things that screech at you on every move and are no fun. Others are no fun, flat. Several are arkanoid/breakout -type games, that tire quickly. One of them is Joust, which makes the whole package worthwhile. S-Chip itself seems pretty cool =) Notice that you can run the 'chip' games in the 48GX section with this!

Bob Logan
2004-03-29 21:40:13
This one awesome library. A few games are too fast, but other than that it's perfect.

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