Description:Simplex is an LP solver program for the HP 49. It is written as a single System RPL object for speed and easy installation. It can do exact arithmetic to avoid round off errors, but also works in approximate numeric mode. There is also a step-by-step mode available.
Current version:1.04
Author:Peter Ă–sterlund
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Primary category:Math/Misc
File date:2001-12-01 23:16:14
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Version history:2001-12-02: Updated to version 1.04
2001-11-03: Updated to version 1.02
2001-08-04: Added to site
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User comments:Marco Salvagno
2001-12-03 13:14:29
Simplex is easily the best simplex program actually in existence for the 49. It's fast and can do exact calculation, which avoid rounding errors, and also comes useful for teaching purposes.
Being a program and not a lib, it's extremely easy to install and use and takes up little space.
Version 1.02 allows to check iteration tableaus, useful for students learning the simplex algorithm.
Version 1.04 is even faster, on a small (8x20) transportation problem I measured a 23% speed increase over 1.02. It also supports dual simplex.

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