Description:A financial library containing programs for annuity repayment, linear computation of pensions, TVM and cash flow based on the new Informbox-engine of the 49G. Also runs on the 49G+.
Current version:2.8
Author:Andreas Möller
Downloaded file size:220,599 bytes
Size on calculator:22 KB
User rating:5.5/10 with 2 votes (you must be logged in to vote)
Primary category:Apps/Misc
Languages:ENG DEU  
File date:2004-08-19 21:38:51
Source code:Not included
Download count:8,853
Version history:2004-08-19: Updated to version 2.8
2003-12-27: Updated to version 2.7
2003-07-01: Updated to version 2.6
2002-11-14: Updated to version 2.41
2002-09-16: Updated to version 2.4
2002-02-10: Updated to version 2.32
2002-02-07: Updated to version 2.31
2001-12-20: Added to site
Archive contents:
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   176223  08-01-04 16:11   Programmbeschreibung Finanzmathematik.pdf
   110926  08-01-04 16:08   Program Financial Mathematics.pdf
    20191  08-01-04 15:52   FinancialMathematics.hp
    20471  08-01-04 15:54   Finanzmathematik.hp
 --------                   -------
   327811                   4 files
User comments:Carlos Lacroze
2003-07-05 10:16:02
Congratulations and thanks to Andreas, for this long waited translation update FinancialMathematics.hp. Hope this development continue and would set an example on financial apps to come.
Samy Andreini
2009-08-02 07:49:17
This library is so old. Many bugs. Author must post new version !
Andreas Möller
2011-02-21 05:25:25

this is old software and will not run on a ROM > 2.00 !

Further developing is only done for the commercial version of this program which can be ordered here:

Andreas Möller

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