Description:This program converts a number on base A to base B, where 2 <= {A, B} <= 36. The program supports decimal arithmetic as inputs and outputs. It will display all digits, regardless of size.
Current version:1.1
Author:Diego Terzano
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Primary category:Math/Misc
File date:2002-06-30 21:01:44
Source code:Included
Download count:6,564
Version history:2002-06-30: Updated to version 1.1
2002-05-21: Added to site
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     2176  06-01-02 11:51   Bconv Instructions.txt
     1941  05-31-02 03:28   Bconv.bin
     3191  05-31-02 03:00   Bconv.asc
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     7308                   3 files
User comments:Ruben Jimenez
2021-05-13 09:27:16
Awesome! I recently bought an HP50G and was interested in the dozenal number system, and this is the only program to convert to any bases that worked for me!

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