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Description:MC Squared is an advanced programmable scientific RPN calculator on your Windows desktop. MC Squared incorporates many productivity enhancing features that are not normally found on calculators, whether hardware or software. The unique "Engineering" display and entry modes allow the user to enter numbers and view results the way you would write them. VB runtime files required; if needed, obtain from SimTel.
Current version:1.02
Author:Andrew Bridges:
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Primary category:PC/Emulators
File date:2002/05/22 10:41:08
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Version history:2002/05/22: Added to site
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     4332  03-01-02 10:49   Register.txt
   131816  01-31-02 15:09   Case.bmp
    32348  05-09-01 17:20   mc2 Saver.bmp
     2675  03-01-02 09:56   mcsquared.cnt
    53006  03-01-02 09:56   MCSQUARED.HLP
      374  02-28-02 14:44   Lottery.prg
   997888  05-02-02 09:06   mc2.exe
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