HP-48GX RAM Entries

Description:"Official" HP-48GX RAM entries compiled to a usable "symbol EQU #address" format and sorted by name and address. Also contains a new Jazz entry tables library which includes the new entries.
Author:Jonathan Busby
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File date:2002-10-11 20:50:02
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Version history:2002-10-11: Added to site
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    75897  2002-09-12 11:31   hpentr.a
    11049  2002-09-12 11:51   ramentgxsrt.a
    11046  2002-09-12 11:52   ramentgx.a
    37810  2002-09-12 17:05   L993
     2238  2002-10-03 23:54   readme.txt
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Library contents:L993: Library 993,
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