Description:This is a library that kills other libraries! Libraries are small attachments of machine code that come with some aplets. You can see if you have any on your machine by pressing SHIFT MEMORY and looking under the Library heading. Most of them automatically delete with their parent aplet but some don't and there's no way to delete them then. This library will do it. Just note the decimal number next to the library in the MEMORY view and then type UNLIB(number) in the HOME view. Providing that it's not in use then it will be gone. You can't delete the UnLib library itself but since it's only 189 bytes in size that hardly matters.
Author: Noda: http://www.noda.online.fr
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File date:2003-05-20 23:00:42
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     2153  02-16-03 10:33   MakeLib.bat
      259  02-20-03 18:05   UNLIB000.000
     1044  02-21-03 20:24   lib_eng_comments.s
     1119  02-21-03 20:24   lib.s
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