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Description:Al Bhed is a language spoken in the Playstation 2 game final fantasy X. To translate this language to English you have to collect primers. These magazines are scattered all over Spira. If you missing a lot of primers or you have just begun your journey and you want to know what the Al Bhed say to you, use this program.
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Author:Michaƫl De Coninck
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File date:2003-07-01 20:33:33
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    12288  06-22-03 16:55   Albhed Translator/Thumbs.db
    29696  06-22-03 14:17   Albhed Translator/~WRL3025.tmp
    31232  06-22-03 17:09   Albhed Translator/ReadMe.doc
     5174  06-22-03 16:49   Albhed Translator/Albhed.000
    14623  06-22-03 16:49   Albhed Translator/aplet.s
      119  05-31-03 15:41   Albhed Translator/Aplet.m
       33  05-31-03 15:41   Albhed Translator/Aplet.wsr
      738  06-22-03 17:12   Albhed Translator/Example.gif
        0  06-01-03 11:43   Albhed Translator/
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