Cardiovascular Risk Calculator (CVD)

Description:The Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) risk calculator estimates the risk of contracting CVD within 8 years, using data of the famous Framingham study. The risk factors identified in this study were systolic blood pressure, cigarette smoking, electrocardiographic evidence of enlargement of the heart, glucose intolerance (diabetes) and blood cholesterol. A general logistic function was computed to predict the several different cardiovascular diseases and to identify people at high risk who need preventive treatment.
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Gerard Bouma
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User comments:Vince Davis
2014-03-31 01:50:10
Literature included indicates that CVD is written for the HP 49G+ and not the 50G. CVD downloads to the 50G but does not run on the 50G. The low vote will change if CVD is edited to run on the 50G.

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