Normal Blood Values

Description:This program serves as a summary of the most important normal blood value ranges referred to in medical practice. It may also be of use for those not medically trained. The biological functions of the different constituents of blood and blood serum and the possible significance of values falling outside the normal range for medical diagnosis and treatment are briefly discussed. Includes Headman with the permission of Wolfgang Rautenberg to get an improved display of the blood values and explanatory text on the 49g+. Also includes version for the original 49G.
Current version:1.1
Author:Marco J. de Vries:
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File date:2004-07-19 00:53:00
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Version history:2004-07-19: Updated to version 1.1
2004-07-11: Added to site
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      567  07-18-04 08:46   BLOOD2.hp
   106774  07-18-04 09:33   Blood2.pdf
      557  07-18-04 08:47   BLOOD2.txt
    16603  07-17-04 16:19   VALUES.txt
     1837  03-19-04 15:42   Headman9
     6637  07-19-04 00:52
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   132975                   6 files
Library contents:Headman9: Library 337, Headman 9.2004 JC & WR
User comments:Marco J. de Vries
2004-07-19 06:14:57
Only Blood.hp needs to be in user RAM. The rather large data file Values.txt and the library Headman should reside in port 2 (flash).

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