Distribuciones estadisticas

Description:Program for accumulated probability (of a point or an interval), fractions, average, median, and variance (given the parameters) of all the most common discrete and continuous distributions (binomial, pascal, Poisson, exponential, normal, uniform, f-sneider, t-student, chi-square, etc). It also has the pdf of all the distributions and the approaches between the most common distributions (preferably used in RPN mode).
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File date:2004-09-22 21:16:24
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User comments:sebastián acuña
2010-05-30 20:33:39
Muy bueno el programa.

Utilizado para Ingenieria Civil Industrial
stan smith
2010-08-17 13:25:16
Such a good app; wouldn't it be nice if someone provides a user manual or anything similar; just to make program a bit easier to use?

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