Description:This program will replace all six volumes of the Sight Reduction Tables for Marine Navigation. Since the data in the tables is purely mathematical they never go out of date. The tables are used by knowing LHA, Latitude and Declination and they return HC and Z. Version 2.0 has been rewritten in System RPL for much better performance and a slightly better interface.
Current version:2.0
Author:Ben Manthey
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File date:2005-05-26 23:27:46
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Library contents:L1488.hp: Library 1488, HO229
User comments:Miguel Ciezar
2008-03-06 04:14:42
I do know if the program have a bug, or if I use in wrong mode, but in the case: LAT 42º54,9’ DEC 13º42’ and LHA 68º24’, the Hc result is OK, but the Azimuth result is 94º26.2’ and the real one is 266º
Anybody detect something similar?
Ben Manthey
2013-03-30 21:11:53
It only took me five years to notice this comment. My program specifically returns Z as I state in the documentation. Z in your example should be 94º26.2’. You should then correct it for which hemisphere your Latitude is and how big your LHA is to get Zn. Zn in your example is 266º.
In summary, I return Z with my program and you are expected to correct it to get Zn.
In principle I could modify the program to ask you for North or South and then choose Same or Contrary for you and return Zn.

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