Description:This small application is able to display 16 grayscale 131x80 video files to your hp49g+/hp50g. Its purpose is to view large video files stored on the SD card, but other locations are also possible. This video files can be created by the hpmovie program by Mwyann.
Current version:1.1
Author:Yoann D├ęsir: http://ydesir.free.fr/hp50g/
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Primary category:Graphics/Grayscale
File date:2009-07-12 18:39:35
Source code:Not included
Download count:4,721
Version history:2009-07-12: Updated to version 1.1
2005-06-14: Added to site
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     3024  07-03-09 12:37   HPlayer.txt
     4226  07-03-09 12:37   HPlayer.hp
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     7250                   2 files
Library contents:HPlayer.hp: Library 969, HPlayer
User comments:JShinji The Best
2005-06-17 17:54:00
Can play video stored on a SD card, but the files have to be in the root directory.
Use HPMovie to convert your movies to HP format !

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