Description:PEQUM, pronounced peck-um, is personal equation manager that allows you to store, organize and solve your equations in a nicer filer interface. No other formula manager is smaller or has as many features as PEQUM. If you have lots of formulas, this program will make your life easy! Version 1.1 adds the ability to store a note with each equation, and version 1.2 adds the ability to assign units to your variables.
Current version:1.2
Author:Tim Wessman:
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Primary category:Math/Symbolic
File date:2008-01-12 17:56:22
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Version history:2008-01-12: Updated to version 1.2
2005-07-14: Added to site
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     1599  07-08-05 19:54   PEQUM_v1.0.hp
      869  07-08-05 07:52   pequm.gif
   164251  07-08-05 07:46   PEQUM.pdf
     1746  08-13-07 21:28   PEQUM_v1.1.hp
     1851  12-03-07 18:50   PEQUM_v1.2.HP
     2386  12-03-07 19:19   Readme 1.2.txt
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   172702                   6 files
Library contents:PEQUM_v1.0.hp: Library 263, PEQUM 1.0 TW
PEQUM_v1.1.hp: Library 263, PEQUM 1.1 TW
PEQUM_v1.2.HP: Library 263, PEQUM 1.2 TW
User comments:Vincent Guilbault
2008-02-01 04:30:58
The ability to add a text note for each item of the equation list is a great addition to this software.
Nenad Bulatovic
2011-04-25 00:05:18
Great software! Very user friendly, easy to understand and operate.

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