Description:Software for the Industrial-Formulation IAPWS-IF97 for Water and Steam. This is a smaller (40% of the original size) and faster (3-50 times) version of the original FluidHP (written by Hans-Joachim Kretzschmar), compatible with the HP 49G and HP 49g+. Debug4x source code is included.
Current version:2.0
Author:Steen S. Schmidt
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Primary category:Science/Misc
File date:2005-09-02 23:51:55
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Version history:2005-09-03: Added to site
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     9526  08-10-05 20:48   FluidHP
   956073  09-22-03 14:26   FluidHP_49G_LibIF97_Eng_Doku.pdf
   603486  07-12-05 22:04   IF97.pdf
     1542  08-11-05 12:17   ReadMe.txt
     1489  08-11-05 11:55   Screenshot.gif
   313632  08-11-05 12:20   Source.zip
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Library contents:FluidHP: Library 1135, FluidHP v2.00 SS
Source.zip: Library 1135, FluidHP v2.00 SS
Source.zip: Library 1135, FluidHP v2.00 SS
User comments:Tyler Hall
2019-10-16 10:49:22
Found a bug and wanted to report it. Tried the developer email but that bounced back.

Some functions return temperature in unit Kelvin but report it as degrees Celsius. Also, would like to see some of the SI units capitalization conventions followed (i.e. kJ not kj for kiloJoules).

I'll crack into the source if the developer has abandoned it.

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