Description:Special Functions 2 expands on the Special Functions library, and contains new functions which include Set Theory (Union, Intersect, Relative Compliment), Complex Analysis (Derivative [Cauchy-Reimann Equation Test], Gradient), Stopwatch, more special functions (Si, Ci, Li, Ei, GD, Zeta, now with Roman Factorial, Pochhammer Function), Number Theory (Perfect Integer test, Arithmetic-Geometric Mean, Bernoulli Numbers [5 decimal place approx], and Fibonacci Numbers), a two week calendar, Finance (including net present value, internal rate of return, depreciation, net future value, PITI), and more.
Current version:2.0
Author:Eddie W. Shore: http://edspi31415.blogspot.com/
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File date:2005-11-25 18:21:38
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Library contents:SPECIAL2.hp: Library 818, Special Functions 2
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