HP 11C Windows Emulator

Description:A full compatible HP 11C Emulation program for Windows. Includes all functions of the original HP 11C. Programming is fully supported, so original HP 11C programs run without modifications. Crippled shareware version.
Current version:1.26
Author:Henk von Pickartz
Downloaded file size:766,718 bytes
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Primary category:PC
Languages:ENG FRA  
File date:2006-12-23 22:33:47
Source code:Not included
Download count:14,981
Version history:2006-12-23: Updated to version 1.26
2005-12-17: Added to site
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   724480  2006-12-02 12:58   hp11w.exe
    76541  2005-11-24 18:35   HP11W.chm
       51  2006-06-27 16:36   Boswachter and ZGDev Website.url
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   801072                     3 files
User comments:Henk von Pickartz
2006-06-19 07:17:39
Version on this site is 1.2.0. Contains a few minor bugs. Please download the latest version from http://boswachter.free.fr
Jan Nademlejnsky
2010-01-06 13:28:03
Just downloaded this program, because my actual calculator quit. The programming steps do not work. I tried Inch to mm converssion, but the numbers (25.4) cannot be entered in programming steps.

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