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Description:RPL.EXE is a DOS command-line compiler for the 48/49 series calculators. RPL will compile mixed System RPL and Saturn assembly language code to an HP object, in one easy step. RPL can even 'compile' native (keyboard) code to objects, taking advantage of compilation features such as conditional compilation and enhanced backslash notation, etc. Compilation can optionally send code directly to the calculator, using Kerlite.exe (included), providing your hardware supports this. For 32-bit Windows or DOS only, not 64-bit Windows.
Current version:1.6
Author:Allen Titley
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Platforms:49/50 48  
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Primary category:PC/Programming
File date:2020-01-25 12:26:54
Creation date:2020-01-25
Source code:Included
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Version history:2020-04-11: Updated to version 1.6
2006-02-02: Added to site
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   105615  2020-01-25 09:01   pas_source.zip
   223958  2020-01-25 09:07   RPLdocs.chm
      499  2020-01-23 22:06   RPLdocs.chm.txt
   617715  2020-01-25 09:02   RPL_DOS.zip
   896362  2020-01-25 09:10   RPL_Win_setup.exe
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