UCalc User-RPL Programmer

Description:UCalc is a standalone PC application which emulates the User-RPL object evaluation and debugging capabilities of the HP 48 series/HP 49 series/HP 50g calculator. No calculator or calculator image is required to run. Run and debug User-RPL programs developed using the UEdit User-RPL Programming Development Tools. Display graphic objects on the 'calculator' screen from User-RPL programs. UCalc can also display color GROBs and keyboard key labels from programs for custom key inputs. For Win7/Vista/XP, .NET Framework 4.0 and up. Now updated emulator with full screen size (131x80) for running User-RPL programs written for the 50g and no longer requires Java to install.
Current version:1.0.2
Author:Stanley H. H. Lui: http://www.udepot.net78.net
Downloaded file size:878,294 bytes
Platforms:49/50 48  
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Primary category:PC/Programming
File date:2015/07/26 19:29:55
Source code:Not included
Download count:4,642
Version history:2015/07/26: Updated to version 1.0.2
2013/09/14: Updated to version 1.0.2
2012/12/25: Updated to version 1.0.1
2010/09/12: Updated to version 1.0.0
2010/03/08: Updated to version 1.0.0
2008/09/07: Updated to version 1.0.0
2008/08/09: Added to site
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2013-09-15 04:03:09

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