Description:Rumors through the grape vine of the local ant community indicate that there is a partially empty Coke can in Zoom's room. So far many brave ants have gone in search of the mystic can, yet none have returned. They are feared to be dead. It is your mission as Bink to find a safe path to the Coke can so that others may follow. Game written by Erin; includes a nice front end by Joe Horn.
Current version:1.0
Authors:Erin S. Catto
Joseph K. Horn: http://HolyJoe.Org
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Primary category:Games/Chip
File date:2008-08-11 22:48:01
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Version history:2008-08-11: Added to site
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    11148  1991-08-07 00:00   ANT
    23064  1991-10-19 12:13   ANT.ASC
     3389  1991-09-15 18:39   ANT.DOC
      109  1991-09-09 23:34   ANTMENU
     1058  1991-10-18 02:07   ANTMENU.DOC
     1450  1991-09-10 00:14   ANTMENU.RPL
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    40218                     6 files
Library contents:ANT: Library 968, [Ant]: v1.0
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