Flight Planning and Tracking Library

Description:Provides a menu-driven library which facilitates flight planning calculations, for weight/balance, winds aloft, route planning, flight plan times and headings, and fuel requirements. Also performs flight tracking and in-flight calculations, with audible alarms for expected checkpoint crossings, TAS/IAS conversions, pressure and density altitudes, groundspeed determination, and winds aloft. Also provides an interconnection to the TIMER LIB, a large-digit timer function for holds and approaches.
Author:Steve Mauser
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File date:2008-08-22 22:29:37
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2008-08-16: Added to site
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       46  01-11-92 11:50   FLY
       87  01-11-92 12:10   FLY.SRC
    36782  01-11-92 12:55   FLYING.DOC
    29079  10-29-91 00:41   FLYING.LIB
     1344  01-11-92 12:49   AIR
       64  01-11-92 12:45   AIR.DOC
     1685  01-11-92 12:51   AIR.SRC
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Library contents:FLYING.LIB: Library 1786, FLIGHT LIB
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