Emu48 Turn-key Calculator package (w/DDE execute)

Description:All-in-one installer for working Emu48 calculator. Includes improved Emu48 emulator (with Windows Explorer integration patch, see below), file association for *.e48 files, Start menu / desktop shortcuts, PanuWorld's Swedish/Finnish keyboard mapping (optional), and HP 48G ROM image. Nothing else is needed for working Emu48 calculator. This patched version of Emu48 1.51 is integrated with Windows Explorer using DDE: If you have Emu48 calculator already running, reopening a shortcut will NOT start another Emu48 but shows the existing one. This improves the usability of Emu48 in daily work. Full source code and diff file (difference with official Emu48 1.51) included.
Current version:1.51
Downloaded file size:1,041,184 bytes
Platforms:49/50 48 39/40 38  
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Primary category:PC/Emulators
File date:2012-09-15 17:27:54
Source code:Included
Download count:4,955
Version history:2012-09-15: Updated to version 1.51
2009-09-23: Added to site
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  1066512  2012-02-10 14:04   Emu48 Turn-key Calculator Setup.exe
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