Statistical Process Control Calculator (SPCC)

Description:Statistical Process Control Calculator (SPCC) aids in the prediction and analysis of process yield. It calculates defects per million, yield, process shift, standard deviation, mean, and the lower and upper specification limits.
Current version:1.33
Author:Stephen Edwards:
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Primary category:Science/Electricity
Other categories:Science/Physics
File date:2015-07-26 19:44:37
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Version history:2015-07-26: Updated to version 1.33
2012-09-15: Added to site
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   419216  07-22-11 10:37   SPCC Program Package V133/HPUserEdit Installation Guide.pdf
      521  05-21-11 15:09   SPCC Program Package V133/SPCC
   218707  08-19-13 15:02   SPCC Program Package V133/SPCC Quick Reference.pdf
   655788  08-15-13 16:41   SPCC Program Package V133/SPCC User's Guide.pdf
    51306  08-16-13 11:31   SPCC Program Package V133/SPCC.hp
     1700  08-19-13 15:04   SPCC Program Package V133/SPCC_Read_Me.txt
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User comments:Omar Deen
2012-09-18 23:04:03
Don't care too much for the inputs but the outputs are great! and the
docs are very clear. Great real world program for the HP50

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