Port Memory Stress Test

Description:Memory stress test program is designed to thoroughly test available port memory. This program is much more capable then build in memory test and other available third party tests. Test program uses multiple patterns to walk through port addresses to detect stuck at bits. It can also do multiple iterations to catch intermittent memory issues. Additionally, cross port leak test is available to ensure accesses to one port do not corrupt other ports. This is particularly useful to test upgraded 48G or to test 48GX memory cards. This option can be enabled through GUI check box. Enabling this test clears all data in ports 1+. WARNING!! Cross port leak test *WILL* destroy data in Ports 1+!
Current version:0.2
Author:Oleg Rodionov
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File date:2013-09-14 15:20:40
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2013-01-10: Added to site
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