SpeedBrowser 48S/SX

Description:The SpeedBrowser is the fastest fully compatible replacement for the full screen browser shipped with the Equation Library card for the SX. Runs on all HP 48 S/SX revisions (A-J). It adds many features, like switching between small or medium fonts, a slider or the direction arrows, a User RPL and System RPL interfaces. So you can build your own browser interfaces very easily. For the 48S Series only. This library is NOT compatible with the SpeedBrowser for the G Series. For the G Series, please use the SpeedBrowser shipped with SpeedUI.
Current version:12.05
Author:Raymond Del Tondo
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Primary category:Programming/Misc
Other categories:Utils/Misc
File date:2013-09-15 07:46:52
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Version history:2013-09-14: Added to site
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     6679  04-21-13 15:42   SBSX.LIB
    10415  04-21-13 15:39   Speedb.txt
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    17094                   2 files
Library contents:SBSX.LIB: Library 266, SBSX :12.05©RDT'94-13
User comments:Michael Lopez
2014-12-13 18:58:00
Excellent small browser for the HP48S/SX. I use it in all my 48SX's in combination with the equation library card to achieve similar capability to the HP48G series.

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