Gauge Block Solver

Description:Given a set of gauge blocks of various sizes, this figures out how to stack them to a height that you input. Contains standard "inch" sets of 36 and 81 blocks, and a 112 block millimeter set. You can also add your own. The program also lets you delete a block if you find that it's missing. Written in C and userRPL for the 50g.
Current version:1.0
Authors:David Hayden
Omar Deen
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File date:2014-10-18 17:56:46
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Version history:2014-10-18: Added to site
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User comments:Omar Deen
2014-10-26 19:51:25
Before Gauge Block Solver was developed, I used a Gauge Block Calculator APP on my IPHONE which limits you to only using 81 gauge block set. This program allows you to create your own block set in English or Metric without any size restrictions. That APP is now deleted from my IPHONE. I think Dave Hayden has written the first ever Gauge Block stack program for a calculator.

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