Description:Utility program that was designed to complement the built in Multiple Equations Solver (MSOLVR). USOLVE functions will allow the user to create their own unique equation libraries in a directory. Users can add comments or add units to equation variables. The Mpar titles browser can display titles for all subdirectories in the parent directory that contains Mpar; the user can then quickly launch the MSOLVR menu. Whenever a single equation or lists of equations are stored, USOLVE creates or updates Mpar automatically, which means less organizing variables for the user and faster execution of MSOLVR menu. It also maintains the order of variables and updates variable text as the user changes, deletes or renames equation variables.
Current version:1.8
Author:Omar Deen
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File date:2015-07-26 20:18:24
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Library contents:USOLVE.hp: Library 813, Usolve v1.8
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