Description:Alpha version of the next version of a program to edit HP 48/49 objects in ASCII format. Highlights commands, symbols and delimiters. Quickly insert objects, graphics, control structures, and edit multiple files. Support for multiple languages and communication with Emu48. In Spanish by default, but other languages can be added.
Current version: (Alpha 2)
Author:Roger G. Broncano Reyes: http://www.unparche.com/
Downloaded file size:7,318,830 bytes
Platforms:49/50 48  
User rating:10/10 with 2 votes (you must be logged in to vote)
Primary category:PC/Misc
File date:2015/08/15 14:53:59
Source code:Not included
Download count:2,156
Version history:2015/08/15: Added to site
User comments:RPL Calcs
2016-05-15 10:55:45
Very very nice program. I use it to SysRPL programming, too.
2017-09-19 07:59:18
The best Editor Ever! HP Prime should have one too!!

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