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Description:Program to search inside current program text, all programs, current note text, and all notes. May have issues on the G2.
Current version:0.5
Author:Ex Set
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2015-10-24: Added to site
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User comments:Ex Set
2018-04-24 05:15:19
User Andy Bulka emailed me an issue (related to new firware???):
"I'm getting errors using the user key search, because the input command doesn't accept my strings and gives me an ! mark.
Looking at the code"

And he made a fix for version

KEY KS_9() // Shift-USER Shift-S
LOCAL str:="";
INPUT({{str,[2]}},"Global search in programs","string=","Enter string:","","KEY ");
IF str<>"" THEN

I will upload new fixed version as soon as possible. Thanks to Andy !!!
This program is public domain, you can use it and edit as u want !

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