Description:Prime's answer to mobile phone flashlights. Given that the HP Prime has no external accessible lights, this program may be of little practical use, unless the lights go out while you are using your calculator. The design aim is a compromise between maximizing the limited illumination available, and including some information that a flashlight would not (the time the light was activated).
Current version:0.4
Author:Stephen Lewkowicz (G1CMZ)
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Primary category:Utils
File date:2017-11-12 20:11:50
Creation date:2017-11-10
Source code:Included
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Version history:2017-11-12: Updated to version 0.4
2016-08-03: Added to site
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    16368  2017-11-12 20:11   ZLIGHTS.hpprgm
     2451  2017-11-12 20:09   zlights.html
    11322  2017-11-12 20:03   zlights.txt
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