Description:Linear programming by the Simplex 2 phase method.
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File date:2017-02-16 20:34:40
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     7099  2017-02-12 18:27   Simplex_v1_MrB.txt
   370722  2017-02-12 18:44   Spreadsheet_to_M1.png
    14754  2017-02-16 20:33   Simplex.hpprgm
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User comments:Vinicius Rodrigues
2018-09-18 18:19:00
Good evening.
I performed the install of the program on my HP Prime, however, the program did not open as an app but rather as a spreadsheet, what could have happened?
Thanks in advance!
Bruce S
2018-11-09 12:10:43
Hi, The program is just that, a program - not an app. Search for "Linear Programming on the HP Prime" - YouTube. Follow the steps as indicated in the video. Hopefully this will clear things up.
Best of luck!

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