Description:Windows program which interacts with the HP Connectivity Kit and the HP Prime Virtual Calculator, monitoring when programs are changed, to allow much more useful error messages to be shown when there is a syntax error when saving program code after editing it in the Connectivity Kit text editor.
Current version:1.3
Author:Erwin Ried:
Downloaded file size:163,201 bytes
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Primary category:PC
File date:2017-04-15 16:13:49
Source code:Not included
Download count:1,390
Version history:2017-04-15: Updated to version 1.3
2017-03-18: Added to site
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  Length      Date    Time    Name
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   130048  2017-03-14 21:58   Keyboard.dll
    59392  2016-10-31 02:09   PrimeHelp.exe
    77312  2017-03-21 23:56   PrimeMon.exe
   437412  2016-10-30 21:59   reference.txt
---------                     -------
   704164                     4 files
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