Description:List extensions library forming a collection of list and string processing commands. Included are a variety of functions for analyzing, manipulating, and editing lists and strings. Most of the commands and functions in the library have been optimized for performance, and are much faster than standard RPL approaches with similar functionality. Includes commands to collate a list of sublists, count objects in a list, remove duplicates from a list, distribute list items into sublists, replace repeated elements with a single instance, replace list elements with a substitute object as indicated, roll the list, subdivide a list into sublists, create a list of integers, shuffle the contents of a list, and much more.
Current version:1.2.1
Author:David Mutter:
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File date:2018/08/17 20:28:58
Creation date:2018/08/17
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Version history:2018/08/18: Updated to version 1.2.1
2018/04/29: Updated to version 1.1.3
2018/04/16: Updated to version 1.1.3B5
2018/03/11: Updated to version 1.1.3B4
2018/02/28: Updated to version 1.1.3B3
2018/02/20: Updated to version 1.1.3B2
2018/02/18: Updated to version 1.1.3B1
2017/10/31: Updated to version 1.1.2
2017/09/29: Updated to version 1.1.1d
2017/08/08: Updated to version 1.0.0 RC1
2017/07/23: Updated to version 0.11.0d
2017/07/09: Updated to version 0.10.0d
2017/06/24: Added to site
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    19430  2018-08-17 10:43   ListExt
    11699  2018-08-17 11:01   ListExt Release Notes.txt
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Library contents:ListExt: Library 1423, ListExt Commands
User comments:Gilles 59
2019-04-19 07:13:56
A must have Library for all 49g+ / 50g user !

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