Description:The Multi-Programming Environment (MPE) is a set of machine language routines, data structures, and Star macros which implement an environment whereby the software developer can easily program concurrent tasks. The immediate use of MPE is for graphics animation such as in games programming, where multiple objects need to be animated on the screen at the same time (bullets, explosions, pac-men, etc.), however an environment such as this can be extremely useful for periodic keyboard polling and other events that need to occur from time to time. Includes Star syntax assembly language code.
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Author:Joe Ervin
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File date:1993-12-16 10:09:00
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    62525  1991-06-13 14:09   MPE.S
    43688  1991-06-13 14:08   MPE.TXT
    63038  1991-06-13 14:08   MPEDEBUG.TXT
     2552  1991-06-13 14:09   MPEDEMO.BIN
     1182  1991-06-13 14:08   MPEINTRO.TXT
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