Description:Game based on a 'simple' idea. When you enter a number and press the 'INCO' button the calculator will start with a 3 by 3 array containing only nines, mixing it the number of times you entered by picking a row and a column in which it will decrease all numbers by one. It will then display the resulting array and your objective is to get the array containing only nines back by pressing a digit, thereby increasing all numbers in the row/column you picked.
Authors:Joachim Isaksson
Andrew Douglas Delano
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Primary category:Games/Misc
File date:1994-01-06 21:17:52
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Version history:2017-07-07: Added to site
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     1100  1990-12-15 18:44   INCO.DIR
     1486  1990-12-15 18:44   INCO.SRC
     2764  1990-12-15 18:44   INCO.TXT
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